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Stay in Orlando this Memorial Day

Heading to Orlando, Florida is a good choice year-round but visitors who head this way over Memorial Day will find the city brimming over with Orlando Memorial Day activities for fun! The following are just a few of the many reasons why it’s worth your while to explore and stay in inviting Orlando this Memorial Day. Enjoy the Orlando Balloon Festival Your Memorial Day weekend adventure to Orlando is bound to be...

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Property Walkthrough 902BP

There’s nothing more refreshing or exciting than a trip planned to sunny Florida—particularly when your travel goals are set on Disney fun! When you can’t wait to swap out the daily routine for an amazing amusement park focused adventure, booking a stay nearby is a good way to maximize the experience. That’s where booking property 902BP comes in! This beautiful and inviting 3-bed, 3-bath home away from home can accommodate...

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Celebrate Easter in Orlando, FL

Orlando, Florida is a fantastic vacation destination to enjoy year-round. However, those traveling this way at Easter will find there’s even more in the way of fun and excitement to be savored! The following are just a few of the many activities and attractions available to add to your itinerary when you know you’ll be celebrating Easter in Florida on your Orlando getaway in 2022. Browse Our Beautiful Orlando Airbnb...

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Property Walkthrough: 260 5SD

Deciding to pack your suitcase and head to sunny Orlando, Florida is always an inspiring decision. From the Disney magic that awaits to the options to get out and make the most of a vibrant city too, Orlando is a place that’s packed with excitement for visitors from near and far! While Orlando has a way with entertainment, knowing you’ve booked a stay that includes the comfort, luxury, and space...

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Plan a Spring Road Trip to Orlando, Florida

Planning a spring road trip is always an exciting experience, especially when you’ve decided to make your way to sunny Orlando, Florida! This inviting, fun and undeniably magical destination has a little something for every traveler who is excited to embrace the best of a spring road trip in Florida style. The following are just a few of the many activities worth adding to your itinerary when you’re looking forward...

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Property Walkthrough: 4634 SR

Deciding to hit the road or skies and head to Orlando, Florida in the name of a great getaway is a fantastic choice year-round. Knowing you’ve booked a stay in welcoming and luxurious 4634 SR makes it even better! This impressive 5-bedroom, 4.5-bath townhome available through Magnolia Villas can easily welcome up to 12-guests during a stay and features 2,263 square feet of living space. 4634 SR is located within...

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Romantic Activities for Couples in Orlando

Orlando, Florida has a way with sun, activities, attractions, and fun that makes it a great destination for travelers of all types from near and far to enjoy. While groups of families and friends arrive to Orlando year after year in droves, this city proves time and again that it’s a great romantic destination when you’re planning a trip for two! Taking time away from the daily hustle and focusing...

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Property Walkthrough: 3016ER

Everyone deserves a fun getaway from time to time. When you’re looking for a vacation destination that’s scenic, sunny, and comes with a touch of a magic too, there’s no place better on the map than Orlando, Florida! This oasis of fun is a great place for those who are excited to explore Disney theme parks, make the most of amazing downtown stops, and can’t wait to check out the...

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Book Your 2022 Summer Getaway Now!

Maybe you still haven’t taken down your Christmas decorations or perhaps the last drop of champagne at New Year’s has not been consumed. The holidays are hectic in your world, taking up all your energy, time, and interest in adding yet another item to the rapidly growing to do list, but after Santa flies off and the countdown to 2022 has ended, for a few brief days your time is...

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Property Walkthrough: 801BV

Vacations can be made solely on the existence of the perfect vacation home, and when it comes time to start planning your Orlando getaway, Magnolia Villas would like to draw your attention to one of our more popular properties, 801BV! Offering 4 bedrooms with an updated Florida warmth (and a sweet surprise for your little ones) and 3 baths designed to make you feel pampered and spoiled, this sweet townhome...

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